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Heather's Voice aims to educate teens about dating violence and domestic abuse. In honor of Heather Norris, we share our memories of a life tragically taken by domestic violence.

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If Your Friend of Teen Being Abused?

Some warning signs that your friend or teen may be in an abusive relationship:

  • He/she seems socially isolated from everyone else, sad all of the time, and emotionally broken down.
  • He/she has physical injuries or bruises that he/she can't explain.
  • He/she makes excuses or apologies for his/her partner's behavior.
  • He/she has had unusual changes in personality and appearance since he/she started dating the other person.
  • He/she always seems worried about upsetting his/her dating partner.

Visit SeeItAndStopIt.org to learn more about how to recognize dating violence.

How You Can Help

Below is a list of tips on how you can help someone who may be in an abusive relationship.

  • Talk with them to find out more about his/her situtation.
  • Be a good listener and keep your conversation confidential.
  • Ask if there is anything you can do to help.
  • Supply them with a list of helplines and resources.
  • Encourage them to make their own decisions.
  • Help them put together a safety plan.

Know your limits. Remember that confrontations with the abuser could potentially put you and/or your friend in danger.

Visit BreakTheCycle.org and empower yourself to end domestic violence.

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